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Lux Laboratory can provide all your service needs, from calibration and repair to the supply of spare parts for different types of test equipment.

(CAL-ET) Direct current and low frequency

Ammeter, ohmmeter, voltmeter


(CAL-FQ) Volume flow rate

Air flow meter, air velocity meter

(CAL-MC) Torque measuring instrument

Torque multiplier, wrench

(CAL-MW) Weight and balance

Digital balance, pipette


(CAL-TD) Temperature and humidity

Thermometer (LiGT , dial, digital) and hygrometer


(CAL-DM) Length measurement instruments



Standard Calibration Service

(Estimated completion time: 7 – 10 working days)

Our calibration process can be completed within 7 – 10 working days for items within our scope. Compared with other service providers who require around 14 working days for calibration, we charge a regular calibration fee but with a shorter lead time.


Priority Calibration Service

(Expected completion time: 3 – 5 working days)

Priority calibration services are also available, subject to special requests. Clients can thus benefit from efficient calibration services.


Service and

Support the IoT Sensor Company, IAQ Sensor Company to manufacture their own product. To provide a professional suggestion to these companies

reduce downtime and carriage costs


Priority Calibration Service​

within a few hours, returning to service within minutes

We also offer on-site calibration services to reduce downtime and carriage costs. Your equipment will be calibrated by our technicians at your site.

In traditional calibrations, instruments are packed, delivered to a laboratory, unpacked, calibrated, repacked then returned after several days or even weeks. Unfortunately, many clients lose production or testing capacity with the absence of essential test equipment on site.

With on-site calibration, devices can be calibrated in situ, allowing minimal downtime for production lines, testing, and engineering service operations. Equipment can be calibrated within a few hours, returning to service within minutes. In addition to reducing delivery costs and the risk of damage, on-site calibration can also save clients’ money when transporting calibration materials to and from calibration laboratories and their facilities.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

This discipline refers to the process of verifying the performance of, or adjusting, any instrument that measures or tests electrical parameters. Examples include direct current and low frequency electrical metrology. Principal parameters are voltage, current, resistance, inductance, capacitance, time and frequency.

We have developed an array of in-house method to evaluate the performance of precision measurement devices such as digital multimeters, ammeter, clamp meter, ohmmeter, and voltmeter.

Ammeter, ohmmeter, voltmeter

Our mass related calibration involves different aspect such as volume flow rate, torque, weight and balance.

Flow rate measurement is becoming increasingly important due to requirements for consistent product quality as well as safety, process optimisation and environmental protection. Our liquid and gas calibrators provide you a rapid calibration of different flow rates and media.

Regular torque tool calibration guarantees the equipment is operating at peak performance and can highlight potential tooling problems before they arise due to tool wear or broken components.

Mass is the measurement of the amount of space being take up by an object. In mass calibration, we calibrate the measurement equipment such as lab balances and scales by traceable test weight.

Places such as laboratory and cold chain are sensitive to temperature and relative humidity. Regular calibration of temperature and humidity monitoring devices can help to reflect the actual ambient environment and help to check if the system is functioning properly.

Thermometer (LiGT , dial, digital) and hygrometer

Dimensional calibrations involve equipment that measures the physical size of an object related to length, width, diameters and angles. Dimensional equipment includes micrometers, calipers, ring gages and gage blocks.

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